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Food texture analysis

Food texture analysis. Texture analysis is a well established technique in the food industry for evaluating the mechanical and physical properties both of raw ingredients and the finished product, and for pre- and post-cooking Quality Control checks. The 'crispiness' of foods such as cooked potato crisps can be measured scientifically by texture analysis using the TAPlus texture analyser from LLoyd Instruments equipped with a crisp fracture support jig.

This consists of a ball probe and a round hollow support mounted to the base table of the TAPlus instrument. The ball probe is driven down to apply a bending force to the crisp and the measurement is generally made at the first significant break in the crisp during the first compression cycle. This test can be used to optimise the cooking process by seeing how cooking time, oil type and temperature affect the "as cooked" crispiness and then used as a quality control measure. It can also be used to ensure consistency between different production lines. The test can also be used in evaluating shelf life of the product. The crisp can undergo accelerated environmental changes (stored at above or below ambient temperatures, for example) to see how this affects the crispiness. The results from these may then influence changes in packaging methods.

Food texture analysis

Lloyd Instruments Ltd

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